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What is Home Watch Service?

Owning a secondary home or vacation property is a dream that has become a reality for many people in British Columbia. Unfortunately, if you’re not there on a regular basis and you don’t have someone checking on it regularly your dream home can quickly become a nightmare.

Westview Properties Premium Concierge & Estate Management

Most insurance companies require homeowners have someone check on the property at regular intervals if they are away from the property for longer than four days at a time.

Your policy may not cover problems such as burglary, water leaks, storm damage and your claim may be denied if something happens while you’re away. Having someone provide home check service (also known as home watch service or vacancy inspections), greatly reduces the risk of small problems becoming big problems. Unexpected emergencies happen and an open exterior door, downed power line, or a second floor leak that isn’t dealt with promptly can cause extensive damage carrying a hefty repair bill. Give yourself peace of mind and hire a professional to preform thorough interior and exterior inspections of your property when you aren’t there or available if an emergency does arise.

At Westview Properties we provide detailed multi-point checks and thorough client reporting. We offer customizable packages to accommodate varied levels service levels and perfectly suit your needs. Talk to us today about basic home check service, housekeeping, trades & staff management, property maintenance, estate management and more. Let us take care of the details and help to put the vacation back in your holiday-home ownership.

Lindsay Coleman

Managing Owner, Westview Properties

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