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Spring Cleaning Your Vacation Property

Spring comes early in British Columbia and more so than ever with this years' mild weather.

With spring comes cleaning and what can feel like never-ending to-do lists. It's the best time of year to assess your property and categorize your projects into 2 groups: 1. Must Do, and 2. Nice To Do

Below is a list of some of the things that should be on your Spring 'Must Do' List and a few things that might be on your 'Nice To Do' List:

Spring Must Do's:

  • Treat for Insects. Spring is when we start to see ants, wasps and all of the pesky insects that can cause havoc to your home. Put out ant poison near doorways, windows or problem areas and make note of what kind of pests you find. Typically ants with wings have been around for a while and if you're seeing these you may want to get a professional exterminator involved. And don't forget to treat dogs & cats for fleas and ticks early spring!

  • Prune Trees & Shrubs. Fruit trees that have been pruned late fall or early spring have the best fruit and most shrubs thrive when dead flowers and excessive growth are cut back. After months of windstorms make sure any trees or limbs that should come down do so before you're spending time in the yard.

  • Check your Septic. Fall and Spring is a good time to make sure everything is in order and if your tank needs to be pumped. Best to avoid summer problems when you'd rather be in the pool.

  • Clean Furnace & Ducts. After heavy use all winter give ducts, baseboards and vents a vacuum and check for filters that should be changed.

  • Clean your Roof & Gutters. Summer is the best time to repair any roof or drainage issues. Take a look early spring and book a company early during their busy season.

Spring Nice To Do's:

  • Plan your Garden. March 1st is a great time to decide what you're planting and when you should plant or buy your seedlings. If your greenhouse needs repair or you have some good sunny windows start early and you could be enjoying fresh lettuce by mid-May!

  • Stock up on Supplies. Stores often have great spring deals (not to mention are still fully stocked) when it comes to the gardening, camping and recreational supplies you're going to need for the summer. Take advantage of reduced prices and well-stocked shelves in the spring so you have more time to play in the summer.

  • Clean your Closet. Putting away last seasons clothes not only opens up space in your closet but it's like finding new garments every 6 months when you switch out your winter clothes for those summer clothes you forgot you had!

At Westview Properties we provide detailed multi-point checks and thorough client reporting. Customizable packages provide varied service-levels to perfectly suit your needs. Talk to us today about basic home check service, housekeeping, trades & staff management, property maintenance, estate management and more.

Lindsay Coleman

Managing Owner, Westview Properties

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